Events of the Farm

Yesterday was World AIDS Day, a national holiday here in Zambia.
Usually there are activities in communities sponsored by the Ministry of Health to sensitize people and promote awareness of HIV.......specifically proper prevention, testing and treatment. Here at Sons of Thunder, Padmore started the ball rolling with ideas of songs, dramas, food, football and testing in one of our nearby communities of Bwiketo. He met with the MOH in our district of Kazungula and also with the headman of Bwiketo to coordinate activities. He talked with a local Zambian celebrity songwriter/musician about his ideas for the day. The songwriter wrote a song specifically for Sons of Thunder and World AIDS Day and Padmore gave it to the radio station in Livingstone to play. They played it on the radio the entire week or two before World AIDS Day! Padmore organized food, getting donations from the Ministry of Health, SOT and the Bwiketo community. He organized people to cook and borrowed pots from the church. He worked with a team of people creating dramas and poems to present. He practiced and organized two SOT football teams to play against the Bwiketo teams. He organized two clinic staff members to go to do VCT (Volunteer Counseling and Testing).
The Hino truck pulled out at 7am filled with SOT people to be involved in be a light in the spread show the love of Jesus!! People were touched....bellies were filled....many were tested....Jesus was shared!

It was all because Padmore heard God and didn't quit....He spent his time and energy and even some of his money carrying out God's plan for SOT and World AIDS Day!

And....Sons of Thunder won the football game! :)

Grade 8-12 kids were on school break this August enjoying their work program

and attending their Bible study on "Building Character."

Linah, Precious, Padmore and Alpha agreed to be the new teaching team for the Blessed Fund kids!

There were 49 kids in all this term break: 27 boys and 22 girls....Thank you for your support for the Blessed Fund program!

Trevor and helpers also had another Fun Fest while the kids were on break from, contests and food!! Keeping kids busy having fun, loving each other building unity and fellowship! 

  The farm hosted a 4 day zonal Pilgrim Wesleyan camp meeting for approximately 400 people. "People camped out" in the church for 4 days! Praise, worship, teaching and preaching in the church right here at the farm. They also had a Communion service and Baptism during the camp meeting! Holy Spirit was moving, touching lives and hearts!

 There was a 4 day youth conference at the church here on the farm for the entire zone for approximately 300 youth (which is up to age 35 here). When there is a church conference here, people sleep and cook at the church. Sometimes there are all night services when the Holy Spirit is moving.